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Crafting CPU

Manages a single auto crafting task from start to finsh, built of various crafting units.

To be a valid crafting CPU, two rules must be met:

  1. The CPU must be a cuboid, completely composed of the parts listed above; air or other blocks are not valid.
  2. The CPU must contain at least 1 storage component.

The crafting CPU as a multi-block only requires a single channel for the entire structure. Crafting co-processors increase the number of tasks the crafting CPU can perform at once; with no co-processors, the crafting CPU can perform a single task at a time. Storage requirements are moderately complicated, and do not follow the usual ME storage math, but for a first approximation, you will need a little over one byte per input item, output item, or operation.

You can name your Crafting CPUs by naming any of the crafting units it is made up of with an Inscriber or an Anvil.

To provide patterns to the autocrafting cpus you can use ME Interfaces or ME Level Emitters.

Intro to Autocrafting

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