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P2P Tunnel

P2P Tunnel or "Point to Point Tunnels" are a versatile configurable system to move items / redstone / power / and fluids from one location to another though an existing ME Network without storage.

Tunnels are 1 input to N outputs. This means you can output to as many points as you want, but only input at a single point per tunnel.

Networks can support any number of tunnels, of any different types, and they all function independently.

ME Tunnels can be used to carry channels from one location to another, and can carry up to 32 channels, same as a ME Dense Cable, while only requiring a single channel per point, making tunnels a very powerful tool to expand me networks, especially over a distance. However with the great flex-ability they give you comes a limitation, the channel of a p2p tunnel cannot be carried by another p2p tunnel, meaning that you cannot nest them recursively.

To configure a P2P Tunnel you must first attune the tunnel to carry what you want it to, then you need to configure the outputs to their input. You configure the connections by using the Memory Card; First Shift+Right Click the input to save it on your memory card, then simply right click the different outputs to store the input onto the outputs. this also sets the type of the output to match the type of the input.

Tunnels can be attuned by right clicking on them with different types of items:


ME Tunnel - Fluix Colored

  • Default, and ME Cable.

Item Tunnel - Dark Grey

Fluid Tunnel - Dark Blue

  • Buckets
  • Any Liquid Containers
  • BC Liquid Pipes

Light Tunnel - White

  • Torch
  • Glowstone Block


Redstone Tunnel - Red

  • Redstone Dust
  • Repeaters
  • Comparator

RF Tunnel - Light Grey

  • Ender IO Cables and Banks
  • Extra Utilities Energy Pipe and Generators
  • Thermal Dynamics Fluxduct
  • Thermal Expansion Cells and Dynamos
  • BuildCraft Engines and Kinesis Pipes

EU Tunnel - Light Blue

  • Any IC2 Power Cable

Idle AE Power Usage Break down By Type

P2P Tunnel Type Power Usage
ME Tunnel 1 unit / tick per tunnel
Fluid Tunnel 2 units / tick per tunnel 
Item Tunnel 2 units /tick per tunnel
Redstone Tunnel 0.5 unit / tick per tunnel
Light Tunnel 0.5 unit / tick per tunnel
Power RF/EU Tunnel

0.5 unit / tick per tunnel

Additional 5% tax on input


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