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Applied Energistics rv3 Release Notes

AE2 rv3 is a QoL version, where we try to improve the usage of Applied Energistics 2 for the end-user.


Table of Contents


Changes, Improvements and Features


[GH-579] P2P Tunnel for Open Computers (fnuecke)

The creator of Open Computers added a P2P Tunnel to tunnel your OC cables. 

[GH-1404] AE2 Logo in Modlist (thatsIch)

Nothing but a logo

[GH-12] Visual indicator for the lock state of monitors (yueh)

ME Storage Monitor and ME Conversion Monitor are now having an visual indicator to show when they are locked.

This also contains some slight improvments in their rendering performance.

Left ones are unlocked, right ones are locked.

Top ones are ME Storage Monitor and bottom ones ME Conversion Monitor

[GH-1259] Crafting Jobs ETA (yueh)

Both the GUI of a Crafting CPU and ME Terminal are now displaying a estimated time for the completion of a job.


[GH-1344] Identity Annihilation Plane (yueh)

The ME Annihilation Plane now features an upgraded version named Identity Annihilation Plane which provides a silk touch functionality.

[GH-1452] & [GH-1635] Auto-generation of custom recipes (thatsIch)

The custom recipes of AE is now automatically exporting the recipes from the .jar file into the config folder for easier changing.

The original recipes are exported into generated-recipes and will be overwritten with each start. To use our own recipes copy them into the user-recipes folder and modify them to your needs.

It will also export the ore dictonary mappings into their own file for easy modifcations.

[GH-1541] Thermal Dynamics attunements (thatsIch)

Thermal Dynamics ducts can now be used to attune P2P tunnels to RF, fluid or similar matching their own behaviour.

[GH-1379] Decorative Slabs (plumpudding)

Additionally to the stairs introduced with rv2, all decorative blocks are now also available as slabs.

[GH-1513] Improved CraftGuide Integration (Uristqwerty)

The craftguide integration now supports Grind and Inscriber recipes as well as having a general improvement of the performance for creating the entries.

[GH-85] Round Robin and Random Export mode for Export Bus (yueh)

The ME Export Bus in addition to completely export an item from a network before moving to the next one, it is now able to export the items in a round robin or random mode. Both additional modes are available with at least 1 Capacity Card inserted into it.

Acceleration Card will still affect the exported amount per operation before moving to the next slot.

[GH-1862] Interfaces now with 9 instead of 8 config slots (yueh)

ME Interface and ME Conversion Monitor are now more consistent with all other machines and feature 9 slots instead of the odd 8.

[GH-1891] Patterns can now toggle ore dictionary usage (yueh)

ME Interface Terminal and ME Interface now feature a option to enable or disable the ore dictionary to substitute any encoded recipe.

The mode is displayed in the tooltip and can even be used to search inside an ME Interface Terminal.

Existing patterns will have this option disabled. This can be easily changed by placing them into a pattern terminal and encode it again after toggling the option.


[GH-1726] PneumaticCraft Pressure P2P tunnel (yueh)

P2P tunnels to transfer PneumaticCraft pressure are added, supporting up to 20 bar.

Also try out the AE2 integration with logistic frames provided by PneumaticCraft itself.

[GH-1900] Exporting of all available items into a CSV (thatsIch)

The AE2 recipe system can export all available items and blocks registered within minecraft during the startup. These can for example be used to adapt the default recipes to your need.

[GH-1805] Reorganized recipes files (yueh)

The custom recipes were reorganized in a more reasonable way. This includes splitting it up into smaller files and placing them into folders matching their feature types.

This can break custom made recipes, when the current ones are only extracted partly from the jar. When fully extracted, this will not be an issue.


Not less important, but less applicable to show-case:


Code quality

Many changes were made to improve the overall code quality for the developer and user, including many typographical and grammatical errors. 

Credits to thatsIch, yueh and more.



We rely on external contributions for localizations.

Here we want to thank XFRGodMazdallierhbakaxyfasd0210awlhlm for providing updated localization files for 5 different languages, them being:

If you do not see your language here, feel free to improve it by submitting your changes to us.


Fixed issues



Deprecated features are scheduled for removal in RV4 Stable.


Deprecated ILocatableRegistry.findLocatableBySerial( long )

Use ILocatableRegistry.getLocatableBy( long ) instead. It will returrn an ILocatable.

The corresponding code for developers can be found here.



Breaking changes

Inscriber API (thatsIch)

In earlier versions, mods like MineTweaker had to hack into our code, to retrieve the data for inscribers, to modify the recipes or inject new recipes. 

The corresponding code for developers can be found here.



Crystal seeds recipes (yueh)

rv3 will contain a breaking bugfix regarding the recipes of Fluix Seed and Nether Quartz Seed.

This will result in existing patterns for these items maybe becoming invalid and need to be updated by placing them into a pattern terminal and encode it again.


Pattern ore dictionary substitution (yueh)

rv3 will contain a breaking feature regarding patterns and allowing them to toggle the use of the ore dictionary.

This will result in existing patterns having this option disabled and will not use ore dictionary to substitute any input material.

Updated/restructured recipe files (yueh)

rv3 will contain a breaking feature regarding the structure of its recipe files and how these are organized.

They will now be located in a new directory within the config folder and are automatically extracted upon first launching it or enabling the config option to refresh.

If you made changes to the recipes, simply copy any old file into the new directory.

Partly extracted recipe files might not be correctly imported due to the default files being restructured. In this case it is recommended to simply extract any missing file from a rv2 .jar and add it to your recipes.

Known issues

All known issues are listed on the tracker marked with type-bug in our issue-tracker.

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